Why would others owe you attention?

Why would others owe you attention?

Concerned how all the people out there looking at you?

When you realize how much you are not important to the Universe…

(You’re going to fall into depression.)

Kidding! ?

You’re going to slowly understand whose opinion actually matters. Mostly is yours, and maybe from your partner, parents and occasionally friends (Why occasionally? Because sometimes people struggle with the definition of true friends.).

And that’s it!

That's it!

Following the majority of my philosophy and beliefs, let’s start from the base, meaning, let’s start from ourselves – from our example, so we can get the clearer picture.

Let’s say you’re walking down the street minding your own business, probably thinking what to eat next and what tasks you will, most likely, skip today. 😀 Your eyeballs, sensitive to specific color combinations and textures, notice a lady in front of you, and your neural connections decide to put her into the category of the unpleasant looking female with no sense of acceptable fashion taste.

That same woman slips and falls onto the floor and her skirt rips right where all the society would mark it as an inappropriate spot.


She gets up and runs away.

From your perspective, you saw an unpleasant clothing combination worthy to mention to a friend next to you, who might share the similar interests into fashion, but you didn’t because you were alone. You also probably felt a bit of discomfort (with a hint of humor) when she fell down, and you would also probably have a more expressive reaction if you were with someone, but you didn’t.

There is a high possibility that your brain was occupied with this situation for the next 3 seconds, and then you continued thinking about your problems.

From the lady’s perspective, she probably felt extreme shame, so she wanted to run away and hide. That’s the moment she will keep in her memory for a long time.

Is this situation making any difference in the world? No.

Let’s go back to our, meaning yours, reactions to other’s actions and the things that you notice.

There are so many happenings in the surroundings that your brain can’t keep up with everything, and it will hardly give a shit if it’s not terribly important to you.

Not important

You, and not just you, are not even terribly upset by how much you can be unproductive during the day, and how to work things out in every hard situation (which should be a big deal in your life), so why would you snap up to every crap around you?

Ain't nobody

Yeah, you do when you want to run away from something, so you waste your time focusing on nothing relevant. But that’s another topic. 😀 And if we want to be honest, that time-consuming stuff vanishes pretty damn fast.

So, if you don’t give an actual shit about many things and people around you, why would anybody else owe you tons of (positive or negative) attention that you expect?

Why would you hold your dreams, talents, and abilities locked down from the world if people actually don’t care until they don’t get close to you (and they will remain far away if you don’t do something to get them close)?

If you decide to do the things that scare you, remember that it’s not terribly important to the whole world what will happen in execution, and each flaw will vanish sooner than you expected.

Of course, you will care what will your closest say, and they are close to you for a reason. Care for your smallest circle, and that’s it! ?

What is mostly stopping you from doing things you want?

An introverted endless thinker who is all into the human’s psyche and self-development. Turning the drama into humor. Always hungry to discover more.
  1. an awesome post

    1. Thank you, Ahmed! 🙂

  2. Things are happening but they don’t make a change in the world… They do. They all matter, but… They don’t matter at the same time, like you said. See everything is relative in nature, even a stranger is related as a stranger to you. Now I like the example of that lady falling on the floor and ripping off her dress but look how you respond to it, do you help that lady? Laugh at her? What if she was going through a tough time? What’s your role here? What if a kid was there watching that lady fall? He/she would have learned to help in those conditions. I don’t care what people think of me or how I wear and what I wear but I make sure that what I do doesn’t affect anyone in a negative way. What we do reflect back, even when we don’t do any value, consider world as a non linear equation where you are a variable and your value modifies the nearby variables but look carefully and you will see that you can alter the values coming from other variables by multiplying them with zero (not caring about the value).
    See? You affect others but don’t get affected by them.

    1. Yup, carried away again

    2. Yes, you could help her, someone else could help her, but after a day or two, you will not be bothered by that event anymore.
      When it comes to clothing, someone will notice, and someone will not give a damn what you’re wearing. Again, if someone cares, they will not be bothered by it after a short period of time. The message is to not be upset that much what others think of you. Your appearance and actions expire in other’s minds sooner than you expected. That’s why I’m supporting others to do things they are in some ways afraid of. 😉
      And when it comes to the changes in the world. Yup, we make changes and differences, small yet momentous, but after dying the world easily continues to move like you didn’t exist. 🙂
      Thanks for the long reply! 😉

      1. Correction, I meant to write “frog in a pool” not “turd in a pool” 😛

  3. Depends on how you wanna die. Like a turd in a pool, enjoying water or a lion between hunters.

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