What does criticism tell us?

What does criticism tell us?

Today I want to share my perception of criticism. One thing is for sure, you can’t avoid it, you can’t duck, you can’t hide from it. It’s simply big part of human’s nature and the connection between us.

We have constructive and deconstructive criticism, and something called praise. No matter how we call it, all of these three things are actually our, or somebody’s opinion. One more time, it’s another phrase for the opinion.

Praises give us self-esteem boost, we usually accept it and move on, or we have insecurities and then we think what the other person really wanted to say (but that’s another story)…

Constructive criticism is sometimes misinterpreted, but in most cases, if we hear it, is the best opinion we can receive. It’s hard to accept that we are mistaking somewhere, but constructive criticism is the most honest opinion which might help us to grow and evolve. Constructive criticism is an opinion with given suggestions and perhaps solutions, and it’s on us to decide how to behave compared to it.

Lastly, we are dealing with deconstructive criticism. Hard to hear it, hard to deal with it, but it’s just there… negative opinions are just sitting on our faces if we let them touch us. No suggestions, nor solutions to be found, the only reason they were given, was to release someone’s bad inner energy, or frustrations, onto others.

In that moments, the key questions are:
– Who is that person who if giving you criticism?
– Is that person suitable, or does s/he has rights to put you down?

After all, everyone has their rights to express their opinions. It’s on us will we take them offensively, or accept them as an opportunity to grow.
And most importantly, make the choices and think what is right for you. People will criticize you either way.

Remember: everyone has their own opinion, but no one can harm you if you don’t let them.

How do you perceive criticism?

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