stand up for yourself

3 Steps to stand up for yourself (and my bad experience)

No better way of explaining something than telling my own stories, laughing at them and then shutting down this blog because of eternal humiliation. Kidding! You’re not that lucky. 😛

This morning, while I was slowly, and I mean really slowly… ok, ok… literally 3 hours slowly, ahhh, waking up, two stories from my childhood popped out in my head. I was thinking what did I learn from those embarrassing stories, and what kind of wisdom to share with my dear readers. I decided to tell you a story about me losing my pants in the public. The other story will wait for some other posts. Thank you for waiting!

Declutter your Life

Declutter your life

To retain our focus on goals, we have to declutter our environment (such as our room, house, office…), and sometimes even people.

Is it a common thing, when you have a mess on your desk, that you feel demotivated to start your work? When you have to dig into your bunch of clutter, and you lose your precious time doing unnecessary things… And when negative people are constantly convincing you to give up your goals, because they look unrealistic to them, or those goals make them less successful compared to you… do you feel down, and demotivated?

If yes, read these few tips how to declutter that mess in your working place or room (if you have any mess, of course 🙂 ):