stand up for yourself

3 Steps to stand up for yourself (and my bad experience)

No better way of explaining something than telling my own stories, laughing at them and then shutting down this blog because of eternal humiliation. Kidding! You’re not that lucky. 😛

This morning, while I was slowly, and I mean really slowly… ok, ok… literally 3 hours slowly, ahhh, waking up, two stories from my childhood popped out in my head. I was thinking what did I learn from those embarrassing stories, and what kind of wisdom to share with my dear readers. I decided to tell you a story about me losing my pants in the public. The other story will wait for some other posts. Thank you for waiting!

Embrace yourself

It’s not about the change…

Changes are good, but it’s rarely defined what kind of changes. We gave popularity to changing ourselves which sends a hidden message that our current personality and behavior suck. I’m not quite sure did I use the right term “current”. To be more precise, it’s not current, it’s always the same personality if we leave our masks or, should I say, not faking.

I dislike the trend of ignoring and suppressing the parts of ourselves hidden in our shadows. It takes so damn much energy to keep it clogged. And the funny thing is that we should focus on the positivity, but we are putting all the strength into clogging our unwanted parts. What do you think which side will win eventually?

3 personalities that show signs of no self-love

3 personalities that show signs of no self-love

You have probably stepped into the expressions similar to “love yourself, or no one will love you”, and you probably roll your eyes because it’s annoying cliché, but it’s so damn true. It’s annoying because rarely will somebody say what is hidden behind the message, or why would a messenger even bother going deeper into the analysis. It’s also annoying because you don’t have hints what the drive might be, and what would work to improve your self-love. Like any other neurosis, traumas, fears… the causes are hidden deep in the subconscious mind. We can freely call them our blind spots.