how to build self-esteem

How to grow self-esteem

It was a sunny day, and my ass wasn’t giving a shit about it. I surely love sunny days, actually I adore them, but you know when you’re in your overthinking mode and dealing with loads of negative and stressful thoughts that you wouldn’t even notice a dog rubbing his tool into your revealed leg which you didn’t shave in months because you couldn’t bother with the basics of hygiene? Khm… I guess I got carried away with the description. Anyways, I think you know what I want to say.

I was heading to my therapist, not expecting much of a change or something. We were talking, hugging and touching (dirty minds, please not this time), and she touched my back. In that moment she said something that I didn’t care much about until I left the room and stepped outside…

What I've learned in my 20s

20 things I’ve learned in my 20s

Is there any better way to celebrate your birthday than launching your first blog post? Probably there is, but let’s just leave that discussion for another occasion. Although I still have 365 days left till the 30s, another 365 shots to fail and learn, or just be a couch potato, I think I’m competent to share some of the things that went through my life in this decade and got stuck in my mind.