Declutter your Life

Declutter your life

To retain our focus on goals, we have to declutter our environment (such as our room, house, office…), and sometimes even people.

Is it a common thing, when you have a mess on your desk, that you feel demotivated to start your work? When you have to dig into your bunch of clutter, and you lose your precious time doing unnecessary things… And when negative people are constantly convincing you to give up your goals, because they look unrealistic to them, or those goals make them less successful compared to you… do you feel down, and demotivated?

If yes, read these few tips how to declutter that mess in your working place or room (if you have any mess, of course 🙂 ):

Missing the true point of goal setting

Missing the true point of goal setting

Search for the happiness is probably one of the most popular topics out there when it comes to self-growth. The term self-growth already contains the important word which is sometimes invisible to us. That word is called growth. Its visibility is determined by our endless hunger to reach the point where we can say “I did it!”, which should magically turn us into happy badasses.

Someone smart said “enjoy the process”, and “happiness/life is the journey, not the destination”, and loads of similar quotes floating on the internet webz. In some ways yes, but is it a journey?