Habit myth

4 Myths of building a new habit

Once again, I’m gonna talk about habits, but I’ll skip the definitions and how to build one because you can read about it in one of my older posts.

I guess you already read and watched tons of advice about forming a habit, so let’s take a look on the other side, meaning let’s take a look at myths of forming habits. Important to know if we want to take off some unnecessary pressure from our backs because we already have enough of our shit. ?

How to deal with your habits

How to deal with your habits

Like Aristotle once said “we are what we repeatedly do”, the great part of working on yourself is to deal with your habit – the usual way of thinking and the usual behavior or routine. I’ll start with the simplest introduction to the subject, and that is the definition of a habit. Habit is behavior which repeats automatically, usually etched in our subconscious mind. If you instinctively reach for a coffee the moment you wake up in the morning, you have a habit.