Exit your comfort zone, but first…

This is surely not the first, nor the last post, about comfort zones, but it’s so common issue among us that I also want to write about it. It seems like this topic has never-ending urge to be solved, and I’m happy because of it (I have something to write about mwahaha! *evil laugh* JK!). Not happy because it’s hard to handle it, it’s because people are getting aware that changes can lead to better life, and we are all together waking up towards it.

I like to mention 3 types of zones before I start bitching about no life in comfort zones. Those are:

Why would others owe you attention?

Why would others owe you attention?

Concerned how all the people out there looking at you?

When you realize how much you are not important to the Universe…

(You’re going to fall into depression.)

Kidding! ?

You’re going to slowly understand whose opinion actually matters. Mostly is yours, and maybe from your partner, parents and occasionally friends (Why occasionally? Because sometimes people struggle with the definition of true friends.).

Missing the true point of goal setting

Missing the true point of goal setting

Search for the happiness is probably one of the most popular topics out there when it comes to self-growth. The term self-growth already contains the important word which is sometimes invisible to us. That word is called growth. Its visibility is determined by our endless hunger to reach the point where we can say “I did it!”, which should magically turn us into happy badasses.

Someone smart said “enjoy the process”, and “happiness/life is the journey, not the destination”, and loads of similar quotes floating on the internet webz. In some ways yes, but is it a journey?