Why we run after emotionally unavailable people?

You have probably heard many times to follow your heart, but what if your heart is constantly running after emotionally unavailable people?

That guy is probably in an unhappy relationship, or always working, or is an addict, or he doesn’t have any explanation for being like that, he is “just” emotionally unavailable. I said “the guy” in the previous sentence, but it works vice versa. This issue touches both sexes.

Embrace yourself

It’s not about the change…

Changes are good, but it’s rarely defined what kind of changes. We gave popularity to changing ourselves which sends a hidden message that our current personality and behavior suck. I’m not quite sure did I use the right term “current”. To be more precise, it’s not current, it’s always the same personality if we leave our masks or, should I say, not faking.

I dislike the trend of ignoring and suppressing the parts of ourselves hidden in our shadows. It takes so damn much energy to keep it clogged. And the funny thing is that we should focus on the positivity, but we are putting all the strength into clogging our unwanted parts. What do you think which side will win eventually?

Difference between sadness and depression

Difference between sadness and depression

What I noticed is that many of us don’t know the difference between sadness and depression. In fact, many of us don’t even know how to describe their current emotional state, but I’ll leave that one for another post. This time I want to share some facts about sadness and depression. Also, I would like to share why my therapists were so thrilled when I said that I was drowning in my sadness for weeks, which was caused by their therapies. Like why the hell would anybody say that they have a progress when they feel sadness.

Why the pain is important

Why the pain is important

Today’s physical pain inspired me to write this post. Firstly, I want to thank my mom, dad and Mother Nature for making me sensitive to any sign of bacteria. At least, I have an inspiration to write. 🙂

Instead of physical, I’m gonna concentrate on the emotional pain. The same thing in some ways, if you ask me. We are afraid to experience emotional pain even more than the physical, and we are capable to try countless shitty, or not shitty that much, attempts to avoid it.