3 Secrets on how to deal with negative people, and learn about yourself in the process

How to deal with negative people

I had a good day today, loaded with positive news, and what would be the best topic to write about now? My upside down mechanism tells me to write about negativity, to be exact, about how to deal with negative people.

Let me share with you 3 secrets on how to keep your head up, and not smack other’s faces. Trust me, all the teachers in the school were talking about my exemplary behavior, and (thank god lol) local society has so many negative examples that I had a lot of practice. ?

how to build self-esteem

How to grow self-esteem

It was a sunny day, and my ass wasn’t giving a shit about it. I surely love sunny days, actually I adore them, but you know when you’re in your overthinking mode and dealing with loads of negative and stressful thoughts that you wouldn’t even notice a dog rubbing his tool into your revealed leg which you didn’t shave in months because you couldn’t bother with the basics of hygiene? Khm… I guess I got carried away with the description. Anyways, I think you know what I want to say.

I was heading to my therapist, not expecting much of a change or something. We were talking, hugging and touching (dirty minds, please not this time), and she touched my back. In that moment she said something that I didn’t care much about until I left the room and stepped outside…

The taste of panic attack

The taste of P attacks

It was a stressful period of my life many years ago. I could call it a period of chaos and a big loss. I was carrying my “I don’t care” mask, stealthily trying to hide the suffer and sorrow, followed by the unchosen belief that nonhappy emotions make you weak and ugly. I still didn’t know that it could cause much more grief within me, and I didn’t know how serious it could get if a human keeps every emotion inside, and tries to numb it or ignore it.

How to choose the right therapist?

How to choose the right therapist?

It’s not an irrelevant thing to put some time and feelings into the search for the right therapist. After all, you’re paying that person to guide you through the most sensitive conditions for you. If you feel like the therapies are not working for you, you should ask yourself what is the case: is it coming from you, from the therapist or both? Are your inner beliefs and assumptions limiting the whole process of development, and disturbing the connection between you and your therapist? Let’s start with the first question when searching for the right person.

Difference between sadness and depression

Difference between sadness and depression

What I noticed is that many of us don’t know the difference between sadness and depression. In fact, many of us don’t even know how to describe their current emotional state, but I’ll leave that one for another post. This time I want to share some facts about sadness and depression. Also, I would like to share why my therapists were so thrilled when I said that I was drowning in my sadness for weeks, which was caused by their therapies. Like why the hell would anybody say that they have a progress when they feel sadness.

Declutter your Life

Declutter your life

To retain our focus on goals, we have to declutter our environment (such as our room, house, office…), and sometimes even people.

Is it a common thing, when you have a mess on your desk, that you feel demotivated to start your work? When you have to dig into your bunch of clutter, and you lose your precious time doing unnecessary things… And when negative people are constantly convincing you to give up your goals, because they look unrealistic to them, or those goals make them less successful compared to you… do you feel down, and demotivated?

If yes, read these few tips how to declutter that mess in your working place or room (if you have any mess, of course 🙂 ):

Missing the true point of goal setting

Missing the true point of goal setting

Search for the happiness is probably one of the most popular topics out there when it comes to self-growth. The term self-growth already contains the important word which is sometimes invisible to us. That word is called growth. Its visibility is determined by our endless hunger to reach the point where we can say “I did it!”, which should magically turn us into happy badasses.

Someone smart said “enjoy the process”, and “happiness/life is the journey, not the destination”, and loads of similar quotes floating on the internet webz. In some ways yes, but is it a journey?

Why the pain is important

Why the pain is important

Today’s physical pain inspired me to write this post. Firstly, I want to thank my mom, dad and Mother Nature for making me sensitive to any sign of bacteria. At least, I have an inspiration to write. 🙂

Instead of physical, I’m gonna concentrate on the emotional pain. The same thing in some ways, if you ask me. We are afraid to experience emotional pain even more than the physical, and we are capable to try countless shitty, or not shitty that much, attempts to avoid it.