Embrace yourself

It’s not about the change…

Changes are good, but it’s rarely defined what kind of changes. We gave popularity to changing ourselves which sends a hidden message that our current personality and behavior suck. I’m not quite sure did I use the right term “current”. To be more precise, it’s not current, it’s always the same personality if we leave our masks or, should I say, not faking.

I dislike the trend of ignoring and suppressing the parts of ourselves hidden in our shadows. It takes so damn much energy to keep it clogged. And the funny thing is that we should focus on the positivity, but we are putting all the strength into clogging our unwanted parts. What do you think which side will win eventually?

I said in one of my older posts “Because of our subconscious urge to reach the calmness, we were assholes, cowards, manipulators, liars, big egoists, selfish bastards, wimps, and so on… at least ones in our lives.”

Now, are we going to focus on these negative names, and push the energy into reaching “sinless perfection”, or we are going to dig the answer to the base question “why”?

By giving a chance to our hidden monster to express, we are getting to know ourselves, and knowing ourselves, we are able to choose different actions. If we still don’t have the strength to behave differently, at least we are not in the fight with ourselves, and we give ourselves open space to learn how to react better next time.

The same thing goes for the names boring nerd, cheap bastard, couch potato, emotional sissy

Like I said at the beginning…

changes are good, BUT…

it’s not about the change, it’s about embracing yourself!


Instead of getting rid of these “shameful” names, and bitching at those who behave similarly, let’s see how we can benefit from these characteristics.

Boring nerd might not have too many friends, a huge social circle, the wild life full of stories for his grandchildren, but he might be a successful doctor, programmer or lawyer with a large income, and his wife might have a lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases (and vice versa).


Cheap bastard can carry this name in the society, but on the other hand, the same person can invest saved money in (what he or she thinks are) important things or into something profitable that could bring more income and security. And if that person has the answer to why is it stingy, its friends could enjoy more than one free coffee per week.

Couch potato can think of the best ways how to simplify life, and that is very needed in today’s modern life. This reminds me of Bill Gate’s quote “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”. Gonna go send CV to Microsoft. 😀
Couch potato very likely might know how to enjoy a long life and get the job done fast.


Emotional sissy could be the next Mother Teresa, helper, healer, someone who empathizes with the ones who need help and love. Emotional sissy can feel and enjoy life more than anyone who plays cool.

Emotional sissy

All the characteristics have two sides of a coin. We choose which side to look at:

– to fight or to embrace ourselves;
– to reject or to accept ourselves;
– to ignore or to talk to ourselves.

If there is something that is really bugging and breaking us, the first step is to find out why.

Gather all the monsters from your shadows, and be a badass that you are supposed to be. It’s fun to know how fucked up and awesome at the same time we can be. 😀

How are your monsters named?

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