Give up on these 5 things and…

Get rid of the unnecessary burden in your life. I believe that the main issue over here is not being aware what is totally unnecessary in our living. The first step is a demisting bunch of old habits in order to do anything worthy of bragging to your friends and family. Khm… I mean anything that can bring you progress in your life. 😉

It’s time to give up on old bullshit that you’re surrounded with, such as old habits, the way of thinking, beliefs, people, fears…

If your ego allows you to give up on these things, let’s start – today (I know all things happen tomorrow for most of the people, but let’s be bold today 😀 ).

Bold move

Give up on:


#1 Excuses

Does it feel like you make one step backward each time you make an excuse to do something?

Oh, I wish I can make excuse for my excuses so I don’t have to avoid excuses and continue excusing myself living on the starting point till the rest of my life.

I don’t feel like excusing cynical part of me for writing this italic paragraph. #boldmove

Of course, you’re making one step backward and wasting energy on things that might stop you doing something you want. Maybe you’re afraid of it or it’s not even important that much. If the fear is the question, dig out what is bugging you. If it’s not important, forget about it. You would be already doing it if it was important.

And, of course, I’m also guilty of this, but being aware of this unnecessary behavior helps me to reduce the struggle. And helps me to reduce this annoying grandma syndrome.

Annoying grandma


#2 Blaming

Your life, your responsibility. Your happiness, your responsibility.

Like I said in one of my older posts: only you are responsible for your feelings!

What do you think who has the power when all of your mood depends on other people and outer situations?

Not you.

I look at mood turbulence like a normal and expected thing and also keeping in mind that, at the end of the issue, I’m the one responsible how shitty enough will I feel.


#3 Being right

Your ego always want’s to be right? Well, why is it so insecure in the first place?

Anyways, I wouldn’t suggest fighting for those last words “I told you so!” if it is growing huge stress and ruining your relationship.

told you so

Next time ask yourself “would I rather be right or do the right thing?”.

If someone is obviously going to fuck something up, let him or her (if they don’t want to listen to you). They are just having the opportunity to learn something new.

What do you think is the right thing to do if they fail?


#4 Need to control

Oh, I had this huge need to control everything around me, especially myself. A lot of focus went on what others are thinking and doing, and the rest of the focus was on my behavior. Will my behavior be accordant to other’s expectations.

What if they do this and that and that and that…?

Common questions. A lot of unnecessary stress. All that for something that you cannot control.

Focus on yourself at this very moment. Fuck dependence for a while. Things will happen anyways, with or without you. How does it feel now?


#5 Labeling

Google says that there are approximately 7,609,583,163 people in this world, and each one of them is unique human being.

Naming situations and people, which you don’t understand, as “weird” or “bad” or “fucked up” is so… old-fashioned?

I understand when it’s from the affect, but constantly labeling… common… you can do better than that.

Closed mind creates safe, but unhappy life. Slowly open your mind and accept changes, who knows where it might lead you.


Of course, you’re not going to give up on everything in one day. One step a time. 😉


What will you give up on?

An introverted endless thinker who is all into the human’s psyche and self-development. Turning the drama into humor. Always hungry to discover more.
  1. -1 rep from me,
    As I didn’t understand anything this post said, it started out good but looks like the writer got carried away in the very wrong direction. I mean it started out as saying “don’t be lazy” and “change things” to “be mean” and “use people” for your own good, this whole post has gone YOLO swag for no reason. In the middle of #3 being right section the entire post just got divided into 2, like what?! And “need to control” but what? And then in the same section it says “things will happen with or without you” , like what?! and the worst part is, it mocks straight up by saying”how does it feel now?”, I think this will make anyone feel 2 things: 1. Feel insecure, 2. KILL ALL YOUR HOPES for something unreachable and just find “happiness” and be stable. Seems like a long post is compressed so hard that it’s not making any sense now. Don’t even get me started on labeling.
    I don’t like this post.

    1. Ok! Attention please, that was a Pseudo comment 😉 let’s see if the writer finds out what I did there. Hehehe 😛

  2. i want more of these
    publish more psots nikoll

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