Exit your comfort zone, but first…

This is surely not the first, nor the last post, about comfort zones, but it’s so common issue among us that I also want to write about it. It seems like this topic has never-ending urge to be solved, and I’m happy because of it (I have something to write about mwahaha! *evil laugh* JK!). Not happy because it’s hard to handle it, it’s because people are getting aware that changes can lead to better life, and we are all together waking up towards it.

I like to mention 3 types of zones before I start bitching about no life in comfort zones. Those are:

1. Comfort Zone
2. Learning Zone
3. Panic Zone


#1 Comfort zone

I’ll feel free to bitch about comfort zone under this subtitle. 😀

If you are a motivational quotes sucker, you’ve probably heard this one “great things never came from comfort zones”.

Well, we can break this statement if the lying in the sun and not giving a shit about any issue in the world is the acceptable decision for a long run. It’s usually not, so it means that comfort zone is killing us after a while.

We, as humans, are build to improve, grow and solve problems. Being in the same spot and situations for a long time is killing our spirit.

Being on the same job, in the same relationship, surrounded by the same people, under the condition of no satisfaction, is no longer comfort. I don’t even know why is called comfort zone if we don’t feel comfortable. It is an illusion of our brains that things are ok. The brain is on vacation while lava of emotions is repressed in our bodies.

Our main occupation is what will happen if we get out of comfort zone.

What if happens to be worse than this?

But what if it gets better?

Being depressed in the same spot, and not using abilities and potential to grow, is much worse than trying and falling. It is a stupid decision! In the worse scenario, you will have dramatic stories to talk about to your grandchildren. ?

So, under this stupid decision, what happens… we get bored, dissatisfied and dreary. We have fallen into these traps:

1. We reduce our dreams, adjust them and make compromises so that they stay in the small area that we have closed.
2. We are stagnating. Never reaching our full potential or any potential.
3. We are relying on the security of the comfort zone and it becomes increasingly difficult to get out. “Good enough” is becoming normal and acceptable again.

And those are the reasons to get out of the comfort zone. Although it is beautiful and safe and well-known. It is absolutely desirable to come to the comfort zone, charge the batteries. But it is not acceptable here to stay.

Battery life


#2 Learning zone

Finally, when we get out from that shit hole, we are being able to experience life. This is the zone where we learn and grow. It’s the zone where we can fall and get up, same as when kids learn to walk.

Many people will say – the best experience ever!

We go out a bit, not feeling very comfortable, face the challenges, grow, change, and finally feel good again. Because, during that process, your comfort zone has expanded.

Then it’s time to make a new move to step into the next learning zone. ?

The learning zone leads to all those phrases that we want: life without borders, exploring new things, new opportunities, things we have never tried, courage, dreams, success.

As people say, the muscles build up on the last repeat of the exercise, when you’re sure you can’t.


#3 Panic zone

This last one is not much popular, maybe because of the negative tone, but it’s equally important.


It’s almost guaranteed that outside of comfort zone is the magic waiting for us, but hardly mentioned that there is a possibility that we could fall.

There are two ways to enter the panic zone:

1. Taking a huge bite, too huge to swallow and we get overwhelmed.
2. This one is less noticeable and often creeps in. If we are in the learning zone for a long time, without pauses and vacations, there is a danger that we will spontaneously move into the panic zone.


Unexpected conclusion?

Without the comfort zone, there would be no learning zone. And no progress.

In the sea of articles criticizing your comfort zone, I want to tell you it’s okay to settle in, take a break and charge the batteries. We all need it sometimes, BUT after you’ve filled the batteries and felt the familiar buzz of boredom and dissatisfaction, get out from your comfort zone. There are dreams out there.

Before catching your dreams, think about your next step. Don’t make a huge bite.

At the end, I want you to try something new every day.


In which zone do you spend the most of your time?

An introverted endless thinker who is all into the human’s psyche and self-development. Turning the drama into humor. Always hungry to discover more.
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