stand up for yourself

3 Steps to stand up for yourself (and my bad experience)

No better way of explaining something than telling my own stories, laughing at them and then shutting down this blog because of eternal humiliation. Kidding! You’re not that lucky. 😛

This morning, while I was slowly, and I mean really slowly… ok, ok… literally 3 hours slowly, ahhh, waking up, two stories from my childhood popped out in my head. I was thinking what did I learn from those embarrassing stories, and what kind of wisdom to share with my dear readers. I decided to tell you a story about me losing my pants in the public. The other story will wait for some other posts. Thank you for waiting!

how to build self-esteem

How to grow self-esteem

It was a sunny day, and my ass wasn’t giving a shit about it. I surely love sunny days, actually I adore them, but you know when you’re in your overthinking mode and dealing with loads of negative and stressful thoughts that you wouldn’t even notice a dog rubbing his tool into your revealed leg which you didn’t shave in months because you couldn’t bother with the basics of hygiene? Khm… I guess I got carried away with the description. Anyways, I think you know what I want to say.

I was heading to my therapist, not expecting much of a change or something. We were talking, hugging and touching (dirty minds, please not this time), and she touched my back. In that moment she said something that I didn’t care much about until I left the room and stepped outside…

The taste of panic attack

The taste of P attacks

It was a stressful period of my life many years ago. I could call it a period of chaos and a big loss. I was carrying my “I don’t care” mask, stealthily trying to hide the suffer and sorrow, followed by the unchosen belief that nonhappy emotions make you weak and ugly. I still didn’t know that it could cause much more grief within me, and I didn’t know how serious it could get if a human keeps every emotion inside, and tries to numb it or ignore it.

Ooh, look what you made me do

When I was starting with this blog thing, I never thought that Taylor Swift would inspire me to write a post. There is that song constantly playing on the radio whenever I go, and I couldn’t resist watching the video on YouTube. There is that “call for sex” vibe in a whole song, in her defiant voice, in her video followed by skintight clothes and bathing in fake diamonds. The content is so perfect for the marketing philosophy, and young resentful humans, but that is not something that caught my attention as much as the lyrics.

Why therapies?

Why therapies?

Before I receive rejections, and few rocks into my head, I want to claim something. I didn’t even start writing, and I’m already justifying (hehe), but it’s because of the beliefs of the majority of people that I’m surrounded with. When someone mentions a word psychotherapist, the crowd goes wild in “I’m not crazy” style. Which is, unsubtle followed by the exclamations such as “I don’t need someone to solve my problems”.

First thing, I’ll shorten this description as much as I can, psychotherapists are dealing with completely healthy people, and psychotherapies are used to enhance the possibility to solve our life problems in adult and responsible way.

Ambushed by the perfectionism

Ambushed by the perfectionism

I was always amazed by the perfectionists. They take care of all those details, not stopping until their work is heavenly created that your eyeballs only have two options – to melt or to jump outside of your eye… holes. Those holes in your skull, y’all know what I mean. Oh man, my vocabulary is sometimes just not cooperating. Anyways…

Thinking… just look at that talent, completely used in a productive and intended way. They must be so proud of themselves. I wish I could touch that skin of perfection made of Mother Nature’s best pieces that she could ever create on this miscellaneous planet. Looking down upon myself as arid mediocrity, obsessed by my flaws and… painful to even mention this word… average (holding my breath) work.

5 signs that your self-development is going wrong

5 signs that your self-development is going wrong

I approve self-development, and support individuals who are working on themselves, but that thing can easily go out of the control. I’m not even going to list down how you can easily get manipulated by self-called life-coaches and mentors with a blurry background, and with very little knowledge about human’s psyche, fulfilled with the bunch of marketing tricks and super-fast techniques which transform your life in minutes.