Why, the heck, am I here

Here to share cognition related to the process of revealing the full potential, inner happiness and serenity to all of you who feel misunderstood, stuck in procrastination, feeling that there is always something missing in your life, not accepting yourself, or to the ones who simply like to read about someone’s personal stories and beliefs.

I believe that sharing our beliefs and experiences among each other can benefit our whole society, and of course, every individual, making this place and life more enjoyable to be in.
That’s why I decided to create this blog in order to share what I came across in my life, what I have experienced and learned by visiting my mentor and therapist, reading books related to psyche and self-development, and interacting with many different people trying to understand their points of view.

The posts that I have been writing are the posts about self-development, some of them are my personal stories and conclusions, some coming directly from psychology niche, and adding tips and steps how to get closer to your full potential, grow self-love/self-confidence, and live the life filled with satisfaction.


How and why I started with self-development?

I was one completely shy and closed introvert, stuck in procrastination, disappointment, and totally not believing in myself. Hopelessness and negativity were the big parts of me. Something needed to be done, and I started little by little. Each time I learned something new and saw an improvement, I’ve become hungry for more. Now I’m total sucker for human’s psychology, a big enthusiastic willing to share my knowledge and be an example to others that many unexpected things are achievable.

I’m aware that facing many fears and insecurities may be hurtful, and it’s not easy to listen something about yourself that is hard to accept. I personally like to add humor to all the drama and hard times, so don’t mind when I add some humor, or at least, bad humor. 🙂


And to get to know me a bit better, here are the few facts about me:

  • loving the nature / it relaxes me and I could chill for a whole day, especially on the heights
  • love eating spicy food, everything with strong flavors / no sugar, please
  • all about the monochromatic colors
  • preferring to listen to music with a slower tempo and deep bass
  • terrible singer and dancer
  • having hard times avoiding dark humor
  • endless sucker for Dragon Ball Z


I’m still on my journey and would like you to join me sharing your thoughts. 😉