7 Signs that you migh be a perfectionist

7 Signs that you might be a perfectionist

Of course, I cleaned the floor, placed dishes, food, and clothes in their positions, took online research (both necessary and unnecessary), had a regular pity over myself and my work before I sat down to start writing this post.

Sounds familiar?

If it does, then there is a possibility of you being a perfectionist. Welcome to the club! We have cookies, but make sure the floor stays clean after you eat, or…


I was already writing about perfectionism (you can read it here) and how does it feel to breathe like a perfectionist, but I was inspired the other day by my own ridiculous thoughts, so I decided to write more about it.

Now I have to use the toilet before writing because my subconscious wants me to run away from my own mission of writing this (in my mind – shitty) post. Come on… where do these traps end?

These are 7 signs that you might be a perfectionist:


#1 You found a really good job ad, but you…

Think: I wish I have more time to prepare my CV for this position (like 5 days is just not enough)… I wish I have more skills and knowledge… next time when I see something like this I’ll be totally ready and apply immediately…

Overthinking and procrastinating until it’s over. Nice work, champ!

You like being unemployed for the rest of your life, or you’re afraid of rejection or some kind of future mistakes.


#2 You managed to avoid the first trap and started working on your application, but you…

After a long day of to do list (in which you skipped urgent goal tasks), you finally set down to prepare your application. Planning to do it a normal period of time, like every average person, but it took you 3 times longer because you stick to every last detail of the content, and you’re still not satisfied, and you clutch to the belief of always being slow as a dead horse (excuse me, horses. I love you!).

People and advisors talk about self-rewarding after finished work… What is that? Is it edible?


#3 You were told to send some of your work for the potential future collaboration, but you…



#4 You decided to take a brave step and send your work, but you…

Cleaned your house again, visited your family, prepared lunch + dessert, took a shower… and waited for the midnight to lose all of your energy just to fight the next enemy… sleep!

Oh, the humanity! Why you?!


#5 You’re working on a project, and your colleague creates something. It’s good, but you…

Can work with that, really nice, but… the longer you stare, the greater the possibility of mistakes pops out.

After starring at it for hours, big NO grows in your head and everything slows down until you’re satisfied (or just ignored because of the endless fight).


#6 You cannot work with average work, and you feel the urge to announce that, but you…

Have this issue of always being liked by everyone and you get stressed if someone is not pleased with your work and behavior.

If you don’t do anything, you’re going to end up with the war within your head.

You lose in both cases, but you’re so afraid of losing because perfectionists can’t lose… endless loop!


#7 You do only things that have a purpose, but you…

Will not find it in this post! 😀

You don’t enjoy doing pointless hobbies. Instead, everything you do has a purpose in your life.

The purpose of this post is to share some of my thoughts and worries, as a perfectionist, in a fun way, and maybe you find yourself in here. This could help you to raise your awareness about this topic. I will surely write more about it in the future, so we can handle this together! 😉


If you have any perfection annoying thoughts, what are they?

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  1. I become perfectionist every now and then but I quickly spot it and stop it.
    My perfectionist annoying thoughts come when things are going great and I force them to be better, actually my mind does.

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