5 Tips on how to overcome shyness (my story)

If I could call myself as an expert in certain field in personal development, it would be dr. Shyness. After so many years of being a voiceless invisible girl, avoiding the natural light, and social interactions, I can surely share some awareness when it comes to this common issue.

First words that I said, when I noticed personal development… lifestyle (? 😀 )… were “I want to get rid of my shyness, and for the #loveofgod, let it be in this life”. It was something that stopped ass of mine countless times in reaching my full potential and grabbing the opportunities that were flying all around me. I’m not “cured” from all that shyness, and I will never be completely, and that is not even the goal, but the good thing is that it is not controlling me like it used to.

Imagine a kid who was refusing to talk, and instead of talking, was using fingers to answer the questions. Imagine a kid who was sitting alone in the car for hours because it was refusing to step into the house full of people. Imagine a kid who was standing behind the walls, observing others instead of playing with them, because of the bunch of fears related to low self-esteem and looking ugly.

Now stop imagining me, and let’s talk about me. 😀

I am shy

Lucky or not, now I have the content to write about, and the opportunity to spread my words into your minds, hoping to activate and motivate some of the shy brain cells in this world. If I didn’t have a goal at the beginning of my personal development journey, I wouldn’t be sitting here and writing this blog. To be on social media was only a wish in the back of my mind. You can say that everybody can post their stuff on social media, but not all self-esteems permit those actions.

I did some fast shifting in short period of time by testing myself in situations where I would just hide somewhere, and that would be it. Posting my first video, live stream, and even first Instagram photo online was like getting naked, and rolling above the fire. Now I don’t mind doing anything of it (now I’m getting naked on Instagram ahahaha).

There are two ways to go through shyness. Go roughly taking random challenges or do it gently, step by step. Both ways are ok, although you might have a higher risk in quick challenges and end up two steps backward because of not being prepared for some negative outcomes, but let’s now talk about happy stuff… 😀

These are my 5 little tips on how to overcome shyness, and show how super cool you actually are:

Cool dude

#1 Talk to everyone

Not just with your friends or cats at home. Avoid choosing too much who to talk to. That would be just a way of avoiding the conversation.

Only by saying “hello” you already broke the ice and have the opportunity to continue the conversation or just walk away like cool guys after car explosion in the movies.

Car explosion

This tip is more like a challenging thing, and when you accomplish it you can easily go to the…


#2 Talk when you feel like it, not because you have to

Maybe you don’t feel like talking to a certain person or in a certain situation, and that’s completely fine.

Rather shut up and feel comfortable, than force weak conversation to kill the silence or to justify to the other person that you actually have vocal cords. In this case, nobody benefits from “the show”.


#3 Be curious about others

If you are the shy person, you’re are most likely observer, and you are probably curious as hell about the people around you.

If you are not sure about something related to the person next to you, admit that you created a question. Instead of focusing on how you look or sound, refocus your energy on that person, and ask what you want to know.

You kill two flies with one hit. Now you got the information, and you were able to talk. 😀


#4 Don’t tell

There’s no need to advertise your shyness. Those who are close to you already know and others may never even have an opportunity to notice. It’s not as visible as you probably think.

In that way, you’re just putting all the focus on your shyness. Totally the opposite thing that you want to achieve. You agree?


#5 Know your strengths

Make a list of all your positive qualities, and let it remind you how much you have to offer. This builds up your self-esteem and automatically slows down your shyness.


Everything else that I can quickly mention is to repeat and practice. It’s not “I did it once, and that’s it” thing because you can easily go back to the starting point.

What are you doing to overcome your shyness?

An introverted endless thinker who is all into the human’s psyche and self-development. Turning the drama into humor. Always hungry to discover more.
  1. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    To finish the poem,
    The rest is up to you ??

    You have literally advertised your shyness in your YouTube channel

    1. Tell me what is hidden behind this one before I end up confused. 😀

      1. You know the poem, I have told you before, just think a bit XD

  2. I think rather than trying to be naked on internet, people can talk with themselves. Talk with yourself in the mirror, alone in room, be bestie with your mind c: I used to be shy when I was a kid in school, suddenly realized this problem and went to fix it in a day, honestly it worked. I understood that just talking and talking to people doesn’t end your shyness, actually makes you look cocky sometimes. Ending shyness is the ability to show your idea/vision/thinking without caring what others might say but think before you say ofc, and real test comes when someone opposes you and what you said. If you are shy and trying to fake it then you will suddenly stop without a counter attack. It will be like you as a dog barking on a human but when that human attacks back on you, you try to run or try to end the fight without a debate. Don’t have to be “hello I am abc” cause you can do that in Omegle every second.
    Be calm and talk ideas not people, understand others idea, find faults and fix them together because it’s not good idea to make a building that just looks good but has a ton of faults from inside.. . Ok I am getting carried way, blame on the writer ?

    1. Idk what I wrote 😛

    2. There are many ways to deal with this issue or any other. It depends on the individual what might work for him or her. If someone is truly willing to overcome its shyness, he or she will try different “techniques” until something works. I wasn’t able to say “hello” to my neighbors so, a short word could help make a small step towards this certain goal. 🙂
      As I said, talk when you feel like saying something, not to present yourself as a talkative person.
      Yeah, you got carried away a bit. That would be a different subject. Maybe I’ll write something about it. 😀
      Thank you for the detailed comment! 😉

      1. I am an extremely talkative person thats why I choose whom to talk with but I talk with everyone, just eat head of those who are welcome inside my mind 🙂
        well thank you for your detailed comment 😉

  3. Hello, all the time i used to check weblog posts here in the early hours in the daylight, because i enjoy to learn more and more.

    1. Your comment made my day. It’s a sign that my writing serves the purpose. Thank you a lot! Hoping to see you again! 😉

  4. I’d like to find out more? I’d want to find out some additional information.

    1. I will surely write more about this topic in the future. Will have you in my mind. Thank you for reading! Hoping to see you here again. 😉

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    1. Glad to know it helps. Seeing you read my posts inspire me to write more. Will be happy to share more content with you in the future. 😉 Thank you for reading!

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    1. Oh my, this really means a lot to me! If this helps you, it means I’m doing a good work. Thank you for inspiring me to write more, and thank you for reading and sharing! Hoping to see you here again! 😉

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