3 signs that your 2018 is going to suck (including you)

3 signs that your 2018 is going to suck (including you)

Here we are, once again, counting the last days of another year. Once again, masses are preparing for New Year’s resolution tradition which starts from the first day of the year and mainly lasts for two weeks. I wish I made this up, but that’s what happens in the most cases.

And once again, the online world is loaded with a bunch of motivational – time-consuming tips how to make your 2018 the best year of your life, how to list loads of goals, and how to miraculously change yourself within… immediately. Of course, you cannot change yourself, and adopt new habits, right away or on that special day – 1st of January, and after giving up let’s just pretend like you never even had those improvement ideas.

Instead of repetitive tips on how to prepare yourself for the next year, I’m gonna talk about the signs which show that you’re going to remain in the same position if you don’t stop ignoring this stuff.


#1 Waiting for that start of the New Year, new week, new whatever…

Oh, Mr. Brain has a new idea or Mrs. Subconscious is bitching already for a longer period of time, but somehow inexplicable logic, definitely not sent from above, tells you to wait until that special date or a special moment when you’re ready.

Maybe it’s fun to scribble that calendar or planner of yours because you like rainbow colors and filling the empty squares.

Maybe you like to keep your memory busy by filling it with loads of your future moves and plans.

Maybe you shit your pants when you think about it, so you procrastinate.

Maybe it’s not even important that much, but it would be so cool if you do it anyway, not bothering does it fit you and your personality.

Maybe a whole list of maybes would bore you till death while reading this, so I’ll shorten the paragraph. Is this called paragraph? Let’s pretend it is, and continue to my point…

So, while making a decision, and you don’t feel the urge to start right away, ask yourself why is that so. It can happen that you put the energy into the wrong goals that are not fitting you. Mrs. Subconscious will tell you are you going in right direction. Well, Mrs. Subconscious is pretty much shy and indirect, so you need to have a lot of nerves to deal with her but, like every woman (and the war of sexes starts now! 😀 ), she is always right.

Big chances are that your goal is too big or you fear of failure. Talk to Mrs. Subconscious again, and let her negotiate with Mr. Brain. I believe they are smart enough to make things happen. Rather fear of being a chicken than a temporary loser.


#2 Surrounded by the same old snails

If you are surrounded with lazy, unambitious, falsely modest naggers, and you’re good with that, ask yourself, how in the world are you going to dig out your real potential, and make your buttocks satisfied (without buying a new chair).

The people who you’re hanging with are the reflection of you. You are mainly the same lazy, unambitious, falsely modest nagger as them. Since you cannot change others (although it feels so egoistically tempting, does it? 😛 ), all you need is to change… not much… just your mindset. ?

By changing it, and radiating with the new energy, you spontaneously approach new people, attract them, and leave the old snails. The new people are the reflection of your changed mindset. If you notice that they are more positive and productive, it’s a sign that you are healthier and have good chances to improve.


#3 Doubting in your ability to change

I might not literally mean “to change yourself”. I prefer saying “dig yourself out”. A big issue that people step into is not believing in the possibility of changing a mindset and adjusting to the new behavior.

I’m not that young anymore, and I was going through my new age middle age crisis (got no better term for this one at the moment), maybe still in it, not having a clue nor expectations that I can change so many things in my life, and behave differently (more responsible) in many situations.

I also met many people, that I’m studying and working with, in personal-development school, who are in their 40s and 50s, willing to dig out and learn the new things about themselves and the others, in order to reach more satisfying relationships and fulfilled life.

The message that I’m trying to send is that no matter what age you are and how stubborn patterns you have, it’s the will and open mind that matters, and you are ready to slave new chapters in your life.


I wish you lots of success in the future. Every step counts to reaching your full potential.

Have a lovely and fulfilling 2018!

How do you feel about your future achievements?


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