Self-esteem myths

3 Myths about self-esteem

Yeah, I got doubts and ridiculous thoughts when it comes to writing this post (and millions of other things), and that’s normal if it is not controlling your life. One of the most popular topics when it comes to personal development is growing self-esteem, which obviously tells us how insecure mankind is.

Also, my older post on how to grow self-esteem is one of the most popular ones.

That’s why I decided to go back on this topic and discuss more about it. This time I want to remove some of the beliefs that I find (let me use the simple expression) stupid.


#1 Introverts and quiet people have low self-esteem

I was also guilty when it comes to this belief. Society looks at outgoing people as people with loads of self-esteem, and the quiet ones are like self-doubters.

Actually, self-esteem is not a personality trait at all. It’s a skill which can be developed during the time if you have a will to work with it.

Many extroverts are very insecure and having doubts about themselves and their ideas. In fact, they can be bossy and loud in order to hide their vulnerability that I’m talking about.

On the other side, there are many introverts who don’t like to put themselves in the middle of attention, but they are very confident and they definitely believe in their ideas.

Keep in mind that people with high self-esteem are the ones willing to move from thoughts to action. It doesn’t matter if you’re loudmouth or the quiet one, outgoing or solitary person.


#2 The higher self-esteem the better

I believe that extremes are not a good thing, and the same thing goes for this one. Too much self-esteem gives us narcissism. Narcissists tend to have high feelings of self-worth but their self-esteem is also brittle and unstable. Even small “insults” can make a narcissist feel terribly “wounded.”

They are reassuring others that they have a big worth because they don’t believe in it on their own.


To read more about narcissistic personality go here.


#3 Very successful people have high self-esteem

To prevent it from developing into pessimism, low self-esteem must be coupled with ambition and action. If you’re serious about raising your self-esteem, you can turn low self-confidence into your greatest ally.

Since achievers have this struggle with low levels of self-confidence, they train and work hard in order to achieve the acceptable level of competence. It’s a good type of medicine for insecurities, but if it turns into the rat race with “still not enough” syndrome, all the material success equals to an empty bag with the potential of depression. And we don’t want that. ?

Not good enough


And the question of the post for you:

When do you feel most comfortable in your own skin?

An introverted endless thinker who is all into the human’s psyche and self-development. Turning the drama into humor. Always hungry to discover more.
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  1. I feel comfortable 24/7 in my skin. The thing I like about self esteem is.. It’s usually filled with fakes. If it all boils down to building yourself then first thing comes is-know your worth.
    Look at this picture, you see a dot in that picture encircled with blue. That is Earth, that is our home and whatever you do starts inside there, so there is no need to be afraid of anything but does that mean you become a narcissist ? No. There is a clear difference between stupidity and bravery. As you see that picture and realize, you exist in middle of nowhere, you get a surge of responsibility (if you have soul). That responsibly is to keep the humanity going, now it sounds crazy and useless on why should we care to keep the humanity going? Well, I can write a book on that but..I don’t spoil the fun but high chances are that you will get to that time when you realize why 😉 anyways, the point is, be brave, be responsible, not in way of just organizing your room and house and life but more. I think the reader of this comment will now have unbreakable level of self esteem now and just in case you loose it, just look at picture again.

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